Webinar by Chalmers - Photon energy conversion

The Chalmers team from the Excellence Initiative Nano at Chalmers University is glad to organise a webinar about “Photon energy conversion – improving the efficiency of solar energy harvesting”. It will be held on 04 April 2022 at 15:00 CEST.

Fredrik Edhborg, PostDoc in physical chemistry at the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering department, will give a talk which will be divided into two parts: (i) pure overview of the field, accessible for all audience (15 min); (ii) his latest technical results, for a more specialised audience (15-20 min).

To join via Zoom, please click here.


The sun provides our planet with an abundance of energy in the form of solar light – a continuous stream of light particles, so called photons. The sunlight contains a broad spectrum of photon energies, but only a fraction of the photon energies can be harvested efficiently by a solar energy device. Photon energy conversion techniques provide a way to increase the efficiency of solar energy technologies by converting incoming photons of too high or too low energy to photons with energy that can be harvested efficiently by the solar energy device. In this talk I will present the basic ideas behind photon upconversion by triplet-triplet annihilation and photon down-conversion by singlet fission, as well as showing some of the latest results from our research group.