Webinar by UNIVPM - Electromagnetic Modelling of Solar Light Harvesting

Prof. Davide Mencarelli, from the UNIVPM team who belongs to the "modelling group" in GreEnergy, will give a webinar on 14 July 2022, as part of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council & IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society REGION 8 YPs webinar series.

During this webinar, Prof. Davide Mencarelli will present the modelling approaches used in the project for solar light harvesting and energy storage.

More specifically, energy harvesting devices require to integrate the energy-harvesting component in self-powering nano-systems. Prototypes of the integrated components will be developed incorporating nano-optical antennas with nano-rectifiers, namely rectennas, and micro-energy storage components. In GreEnergy, the modelling group has recently shown, through numerical simulations, that nanoarray antennas with small lattice pitch provide frequency flattening of the lattice impedance over the whole solar spectrum, eventually allowing for excellent matching with the antennas’ loads. Also, the small pitch allows for a smooth dependence of the receiving efficiency on the angle of incidence of sunlight. It is also shown numerically that the reflecting mirror also allows for an almost complete cancellation of light scattered by the receiving antennas. The final result is a polarization insensitive receiving theoretical efficiency over the whole solar spectral range.

Learn more about the first achievements of the GreEnergy project from the modelling side by joining this webinar! Registration link is available here.

GreEnergy Summer School - materials for download

After the first GreEnergy Summer School "Cutting-edge electronics for eco-friendly energy", which was successfully organised last month in Ancona, the consortium is happy to share materials publicly, including:

  • Recorded keynote lectures given by outstanding speakers from GreEnergy and from its partner projects, i.e. FOXES and WiPLASH
  • Presentation about career development with a focus on the EU funding instruments dedicated to young scholars.

Check out the recordings and download the presentation slides by clicking here.

GreEnergy at the Graphene 2022 Conference

Graphene 2022, the 12th edition of Graphene Conference series, is organised in Aachen (Germany) on 05-08 July 2022.

Prof. Max Lemme, CEO at AMO GmbH, is glad to be part of the Organising Committee and to co-chair the Industrial International Committee of this largest European event in Graphene and 2D Materials.

Dr. Zhenxing Wang, leader of the Graphene Electronics group at AMO and WP leader in GreEnergy, is happy to give an invited talk about "2D/3D Heterostructure Diodes for High Performance Electronics and Optoelectronics" with a focus on the first results achieved in the GreEnergy project.

AMO is also well represented at the conference venue, with a very nice booth, presenting various materials about GreEnergy incl. flyers, video and roll-up.

Visit our homepage to download the GreEnergy digital flyer and check out the video introducing the project concepts, objectives and challenges!

GreEnergy in a collaborative workshop with other H2020 projects

GreEnergy is happy to participate to the collaborative workshop, entitled "Low-TRL Renewable Energy Technologies", which will be organised as part of the Sustainable Places 2022 conference (6-9 Sept, Nice).

This collaborative workshop will be held with at least 8 other EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects (all funded under the same H2020 call than GreEnergy). Such event will be a great opportunity to disseminate our projects' activities and results, while creating synergies and foreground exploitation pathways and leveraging combined impact from related EU projects.

The workshop details are available here: stay tuned for more info!

Welcome to Gian Marco in GreEnergy!

We are glad to welcome Gian Marco Zampa in GreEnergy, as a PhD student who has recently joined the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione at the Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM)!

In GreEnergy, Gian Marco will be involved in the modelling and implementation of methods to study graphene and 2D material-based devices.

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