GreEnergy at the Graphene 2022 Conference

Graphene 2022, the 12th edition of Graphene Conference series, is organised in Aachen (Germany) on 05-08 July 2022.

Prof. Max Lemme, CEO at AMO GmbH, is glad to be part of the Organising Committee and to co-chair the Industrial International Committee of this largest European event in Graphene and 2D Materials.

Dr. Zhenxing Wang, leader of the Graphene Electronics group at AMO and WP leader in GreEnergy, is happy to give an invited talk about "2D/3D Heterostructure Diodes for High Performance Electronics and Optoelectronics" with a focus on the first results achieved in the GreEnergy project.

AMO is also well represented at the conference venue, with a very nice booth, presenting various materials about GreEnergy incl. flyers, video and roll-up.

Visit our homepage to download the GreEnergy digital flyer and check out the video introducing the project concepts, objectives and challenges!