New publication by UNIVPM in IEEE Access

The UNIVPM team has recently published a scientific publication in the IEEE Access journal about their work on geometric diodes for high-frequency electromagnetic harvesting in GreEnergy.

In this contribution, geometric diodes based on graphene patterned with spatial asymmetry have been studied to verify their potential for electromagnetic (e. m.) harvesting. The UNIVPM team reports a detailed analysis of coherent charge transport and provides some figures of merit with respect to e. m. rectification, such as the asymmetry of the current-voltage characteristics. The most important achievement of this work is given by the accurate analysis of the main key physical/geometric parameters that affect the nonlinear response of the diodes, for different configurations and geometries. Thanks to the adopted simulation approach, it was possible to analyse asymmetric discontinuities and simulate large structures (more than 100K atoms). In this way, simulation at the atomistic level can be brought up to the device level to provide guidelines for design and fabrication, in view of practical applications related to clean-energy harvesting/rectification up to infrared and solar light frequencies.

Full article is available for download by clicking here.