Welcome to Eleonora in GreEnergy!

The GreEnergy consortium is glad to welcome Dr. Eleonora Pavoni in the UNIVPM team (Ancona, Italy)!

Eleonora is a Ph.D. candidate currently working in the groups of Prof. Luca Pierantoni and Prof. Emiliano Laudadio, respectively from the Department of Information Engineering and the Department of Materials, Environmental Sciences and Urban Planning at UNIVPM.

Interestingly, Eleonora already got a first Ph.D. in Chemistry and worked as a research fellow for a few years in the field of spectroscopy (Photophysics, IR, and Raman) and microscopy (AFM, STM).

Her role in the GreEnergy project is mainly focused on the modelling of nanomaterials at the atomistic scale, with a particular interest in the simulation of graphene-based geometric diodes developed in the project.