Invited talk at the ICOS workshop

Andreas Hemmetter, PhD student at AMO GmbH and RWTH Aachen University, gladly gave an invited talk entitled "Flexible Electronics with 2D Materials" at the ICOS-International Cooperation On Semiconductors Workshop, held in Grenoble on 26-28 April 2023.

During his presentation, Andreas nicely introduced the benefits of 2D materials in terms of flexibility and frequency response, making them prime candidates for enabling a new generation of flexible, wearable electronic devices. He also highlighted the recent advances in 2D materials-based electronics fabrication achieved at AMO, including the work done within the GreEnergy project, with a special focus on devices on flexible substrates.

The first ICOS workshop was organised to gather an overview of the strategies of different leading countries in the field of semiconductors and identify possible future international collaborations to maximise synergies on topics of mutual interests.

For more info, you can download Andreas' presentation slides here.