Download the presentation slides of the GreEnergy workshop

Our first GreEnergy workshop "Roadmap from design to production of nanoantennas based solar energy harvester" was held last week.

During the event, Prof. Michele Midrio (University of Udine) and Dr. Davide Mencarelli (Università Politecnica delle Marche) gave insights into the main challenges to achieve efficient solar energy harvesting. Prof. Max Lemme (AMO GmbH & RWTH Aachen University) gave a nice overview of 2D materials for energy harvesting applications, followed by a stimulating panel discussion on the scaling-up route, technological challenges remaining before solar panels based on these findings can be realized and gone to production, their commercial potential etc.

We warmly thank all participants, our speakers and panellists for such a nice event!

If you missed our workshop, check out the event webpage to download the presentation slides.

Stay tuned for the next public events, latest publications of the project and event more outcomes!